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Through my 18+ years as a professional graphic designer, I've designed everything from logos and branding standards to print, web, awards, signage and environmental designs. I've found that my passion lives with those items that can be touched and felt. The pieces that tell a story and speak to you. Check out some of my work below.



From an early age, I was fascinated by shapes and patterns and the way things fit together. Tetris was a constant staple. And the introduction of graphic design to my visual world was a complete game changer. Signs, ads, logos. Each were alluring in their ability to fit together and tell a story. I became obsessed. Even in seventh grade, designing our class newspaper, I knew I had to become that storyteller. The one to figure out how the pieces fit together to tell a client’s story. Not everyone finds their calling in Junior High, but I've been fortunate to find a career that moves me. That pushes me to rethink how the pieces fit. And one that allows me to tell a story.


The biggest compliment I’ve ever received was when a client told me I had captured the essence of someone I had never met, simply because I listened to his story and translated it through the final design. It wasn’t about designing for my portfolio; it was about preserving his legacy to the world. Encapsulating his story with the perfect visual fit.


I’m still obsessed with finding the missing pieces. How can I help finish your story?

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St. Louis, Missouri


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